Best Hmong Homestay in Sapa, Vietnam! (Zizi's Homestay)


This is part 2 of our trip.

I have to say this is one of the best homestays that we’ve been to so far. If you really want to experience local authentic food and then this is probably your best bet. Enjoy this video! I tried my best to put subtitles. It was pretty complicated because of their dialect.

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Tiêu đề video: Best Homestay in Sapa, Vietnam! (Zizi's Homestay)

Độ dài: 00:10:01, Ngày đăng: 2019-03-31 21:10:32

Tác giả: Out N About KP

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  1. Ta A.S All Solutions Ltd 2 tuần ago

    Tsis txob qhia2 nej hmoob lub siab rau meska dawb hau nawj lawv yog ib haiv neeg never Royalty to anyone but themselves xwb nawj thaum lawv paub txua2 yam txog ntawm nej tas lawm ces lawv yuav rov qab Kaus nej yam nkaus li ua nej thiab lawv yeej tsis tau sib paub dua li ov

  2. Angel inDisguise 2 tuần ago

    What a shame. A Hmong person can't even pronounce Hmong correctly. The H is silent. I see a lot of Hmong people telling other race the H is silent, but to have to tell a Hmong the H is silent is a shame.

  3. Kì Ng 2 tuần ago

    Sound like half Laos/Chinese at the end.

  4. Solo Moua 2 tuần ago

    By the way. Are you Hmong?
    Why no speak Hmong and do the subtitles in Eng. If you are…🤔

  5. Lucannor The Mighty and Company 2 tuần ago

    Love this video about our Hmong brethren in Sapa Vietnam! Great job

  6. Was it difficult to understand the Hmong Vietnamese?

  7. Kay M 2 tuần ago

    I was in Hanoi and I really wanted to go to Sapa but it was during Tet and no one was around.

  8. mayce vang 2 tuần ago

    I love this!!! Amazing❤️

  9. Life Yang 2 tuần ago

    She is so respectful that she called you Niam Hluas. You guys get to have so much fun as you explore.

  10. Yer Alviar 2 tuần ago

    She is so sweet. I'm going to Sapa in October and I've been wondering which homestay would be best – Zizi's seems like a favorable option! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Tub Hmoob 2 tuần ago

    Wow!! Ya people got there and wear same clothes as Hmong sapa so I think that you people were Hmong Sapa. But your English tell me that you are Hmong American.

  12. pachia lor 2 tuần ago

    Zoo saib heev..thaij ntau2 rau peb saib nawb….Ntsuab

  13. MaiYee Xiong 2 tuần ago

    What a beautiful and fun trip! Can you message me with more information of how to go a out a trip like this? My husband and I would love to do something similar. We are in our 30’s.

  14. ღAngel Lorღ 2 tuần ago

    Wow cool

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