Eating Horse Meat Hot Pot (Thắng cố) & Getting Drunk in SAPA, VIETNAM 2018 | VIETNAMESE FOOD


Watch me eat this famous hot pot with horse brains and other organs, plus watch me get drunk from grain alcohol in Sapa, Vietnam!
“Thắng cố Sapa” is a famous hot pot dish made from various parts of a horse. Because Sapa is in the mountains, it gets chilly at night. Many of the locals who live in the Sapa region eat this dish and drink corn alcohol to stay warm. Let me tell you, it actually works! It got me nice and toasty.
The hot pot was expensive because of the horse meat, but it was worth trying once. Just a warning: it is very gamey tasting, so if you don’t like gamey tasting things or very strong tastes like it, this is probably not for you.
Another alternative that’s famous in Sapa is salmon hot pot. It’ll probably be much better than horse if you are still trying to eat some delicious in Sapa.

Name: Nhà Hàng A Phủ
Address: 15 Fansipan street, Sapa town
Google Maps:
Hours: 9am ~ 11pm
Dish: Thắng cố Sapa (horse meat hot pot)
Cost: 400K VND ($17.44 USD)

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Tiêu đề video: Eating Horse Meat Hot Pot (Thắng cố) & Getting Drunk in SAPA, VIETNAM 2018 | VIETNAMESE FOOD

Độ dài: 00:16:16, Ngày đăng: 2018-07-08 22:40:54

Tác giả: Cory May

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  1. mariel g 6 tháng ago

    The ingredients sounds savory

  2. mariel g 6 tháng ago

    I'm not a horse eater but it is not my custom

  3. Chetan Arya 6 tháng ago

    First time listen horse meat🤪🤮

  4. brantk81 6 tháng ago

    That's corn ethanol

  5. Rose Red 6 tháng ago

    OMG!!! Horse meat!!?? People actually eat horse? No not the adorable horses!!

  6. BeyondChange 6 tháng ago

    I live in Canada and i would eat Horse anytime!

  7. Looks good.

  8. Dee Nora 6 tháng ago

    Horse meat… when you're in Vietnam 😫

    And 16-17 years. I did the math. Youre 38?? I couldnt tell!

  9. SinkVenice 6 tháng ago

    Sandwich Of The Epidermis is what I’m naming my band.

  10. Pajzibntab Vwj 6 tháng ago

    I like game meat, but I don't think I can eat horse…..

  11. Steve Murray 6 tháng ago

    I wish I had tried horse hot pot when we where in SaPa we did not know about it. That is one of the best things about Vietnam all the different foods not available in Australia.

  12. Nguyen Minh Hai 6 tháng ago

    Great video! Thanks

  13. Marcus W 6 tháng ago

    Why can't this guy find another Marie? I miss their Korea posts. Yes Cory, the food looks great. Yes Cory, you have mad video skills. I would hire you to do video work on the next Star Wars movie if I were George Lucas. But you have no synergy with people other than the inanimate object you are talking to, and that isn't a person. You didn't have this when you were with Marie. You had a human to experience life together with. This is absent from your videos. Maybe it is absent from your life too.

  14. Kiet Lai 6 tháng ago

    Y is it good to see drunk pll on video? Haha its funny

  15. Suzanne Ribas 6 tháng ago

    No like sorry. Poor horse.

  16. Danny Ting 6 tháng ago

    At clip 8:11, if you noticed the lady at the background, she was scooping "white liquid" I assume is alcohol with a plastic jug… then she put it down on the floor???? Again, just assuming… Then, I wonder would she clean the bottom jug before going for 2nd round "white liquid" refill the next round? lol

  17. ᄎᄋᄌᄀ 6 tháng ago

    Hello, Cory! I am a student who learned English from you a few years ago That's enough! 😉

  18. Holech Batel 6 tháng ago

    Do you eat everything? What is the limit?

  19. hatmurica 6 tháng ago

    This is awesome, very unique Cory. I've had different brains and they taste good, so are the coagulated blood. The noodle "cube" looks delicious once cooked.

  20. I dont think i could eat horse. When i went to sapa i was so unsure of the meat there i just told them i was vegetarian. I think the accent and the Northern language was extremely hard for me to understand.

  21. Christine Kim 6 tháng ago

    Toasty and Full, the best combo, but I don't think I would try that dish. lol

  22. Meo Gia 6 tháng ago

    Oh, I’m so happy to see the second part of Sapa . I hope it will be third 🤞.

  23. Sylvie BK 6 tháng ago

    Hi Cory I see you eat a lot of meat and variety of it. Is there any meat you wouldn't eat for a reason( you had the animal as a pet, how the meat ends up in the bowl/plate…)?

  24. Brandon Skelton 6 tháng ago

    Today I learned Corey is a zombie.

  25. ima4ster 6 tháng ago

    Enjoy your videos, but you convinced me to never try this dish! 🙂

  26. Ty Meow 6 tháng ago

    good job with the corn alcohol Cory, it can go up to 140 proof, pretty strong stuff

  27. #Aphotasticlyfe 6 tháng ago

    Hey Cory that was very poetic and Anthony Bourdain like ( sandwich of epidermis) lol… those words alone might make want try some horse stew.

  28. james little 6 tháng ago

    Just stay away from that corn alcohol did you put the rest in your motorbike and got home 10min earlier zzzzoommm.

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