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The in Sapa, is a small and charming property in the northern highlands of Vietnam, near the famous Fansipan Mountain. Join me on this mini tour to explore the rustic, but charming Clay House including my Bamboo Bungalow, the infinity pool and all of the grounds and surrounds. Find out if The Sapa Clay House is the right choice for your next trip to Sapa.

—–Video Chapters—–
0:00 Intro
00:34 Introduction & Location
01:32 Reception & Indoor Common Area
02:33 Exploring Outdoors & Views
03:19 Infinity Pool
04:23 Clay House Layout
04:42 Bamboo Bungalow Tour
06:57 Flying Over the Valley
07:28 Dinner & Sunset
08:20 The Flip Flop Score

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Tiêu đề video: SAPA CLAY HOUSE Sapa, Vietnam【4K Mini Tour & Review】Rustic Mountain Retreat

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  1. Tan Letran 5 tháng ago

    Thanks for a great review .Which resort in town is better – Slik Path or MGallery? would you recommend Topas Ecolodge for an out of town experience

  2. Brilliant But Blue 5 tháng ago

    It's all about the views!! The common area was very cluttered and the bathroom wouldn't be great in Winter. Just out of curiosity do you think resorts in Thailand and Vietnam have switched focus to local guests rather than overseas guests since the pandemic? I would love to hear your opinion 👍

  3. Luu Nguyen 5 tháng ago

    Were you able to be back to Việt Nam ?

  4. rosecolouredglasses 5 tháng ago

    Very joyful!

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