SAPA & THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN IN VIETNAM (Fansipan Mountain Summit, Sapa cable car, Funicular) – Sapaphoto


The roof of Indochina is the name given to the giant Fansipan Mountain. With a name like that, we had to see the top!

In this video we start out innocently walking through Sapa town without the intention to use the or funicular. But after we looked in the Sapa station building, we just couldn’t resist and ended up impulse buying 2 tickets to the top of the mountain and riding both the Funicular AND the cable car.

It was a great day out and we got to see some of the best views in Vietnam!!

Thanks for watching!

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🎥: Filmed April 26th 2022

SAPA & THE (Fansipan Mountain Summit, Sapa cable car, Funicular)

00:00 – Exploring Sapa town and Sapa lake
2:40 – Our favourite building in Sapa + Big change of plans for the day!
3:52 – Sapa Funicular and cable car to the top of Fansipan Mountain
06:02 – only 600 (or more!) steps to the top of the mountain
10:00 – journey to the bottom, cable car and funicular again! (ALSO, caramel popcorn)

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Tiêu đề video: SAPA & THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN IN VIETNAM (Fansipan Mountain Summit, Sapa cable car, Funicular)

Độ dài: 00:11:10, Ngày đăng: 2022-05-13 17:45:56

Tác giả: Jordan and Emily

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  1. Papa Thoai 3 tháng ago


  2. Huong Le Phúc 3 tháng ago

    Cảm ơn bạn đã tới đất nước chúng tôi chúc bạn có những ngày hạnh phúc trên quê hương tôi thanhkyon

  3. Sivayam Siva 3 tháng ago

    Thanks for sharing thrilling cable car experience congratulations to both of you🙏wonderful Mountain View really great 👍excellent photography 👌

  4. Toàn Nguyễn văn 3 tháng ago

    Các bạn quay rất chuyên nghiệp. Cảnh đẹp toát lên không giống những yutube khác. Cảnh đẹp mà quay thành xấu. Việt Nam 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

  5. Nam93 Bao 3 tháng ago

    Wecom to Sa Pa in Lào Cai 🇻🇳🇻🇳

  6. Fajril Fatih 3 tháng ago


  7. Fajril Fatih 3 tháng ago


  8. Musicful 3 tháng ago

    what month of the year did you guys go? Just want to know the weather so i can decide..

  9. Nico Fourie 3 tháng ago

    Imagine building a Disneyland on your highest mountain. Really patriotic.

  10. Thơ Vlogs # Ẩm Thực Bốn Phương 3 tháng ago

    Việt nam luôn chào đón các bạn, tôi yêu video của các bạn ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍

  11. Triết Huỳnh 3 tháng ago

    Viet Nam 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳 chúc các bạn có kỳ nghỉ vui vẻ

  12. NQTrung 3 tháng ago

    Welcome to viet nam 🇻🇳

  13. T Tran 3 tháng ago

    Sapa, the town itself & its surrounding, is beautiful. The trip to the top of the highest mountain in Indochina is wonderful. It’s on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Toan Le 3 tháng ago

    Welcome to Vietnam! From May 16, all restrictions on covid-19 related to visitors entering Vietnam will be completely lifted. NO Covid test. NO Health declaration.

  15. Bin Nguyen 3 tháng ago

    Love from Vietnam!

  16. Mạnh Hưng Nguyễn 3 tháng ago

    please wear a mask when you walk out in a public area!

  17. Ruby01vn 3 tháng ago

    đến sapa bạn nên đi Hà Giang 🤣

  18. July Tran 3 tháng ago

    Beautiful mountainview

  19. David De Haas 3 tháng ago

    Hey! So was Emily pooping her pants because she was scared Haha 😄

  20. phạm ngọc bích 3 tháng ago

    Let's go to hạ long bay . welcome to Hạ Long 😜😜😜

  21. Phuong Paris vlog 3 tháng ago


  22. Michael Chang 3 tháng ago

    The price for cable car are too expensive and make the trip to Fansipan really not worth it. This is Vietnam and the price of cable car are more 3x daily wage here.

  23. Pongpol Rojananon 3 tháng ago

    Nice city. How is the weather there? Having plan going at early June.

  24. Duy Trần 3 tháng ago

    I really like your videos and the best thing about your videos is that there are Vietnamese subtitles😅

  25. zDarkz 3 tháng ago

    welcome to vietnam, wish you have a nice trip

  26. Spider Guy 3 tháng ago


  27. paulina may 3 tháng ago

    I am here with Hazel and showing her your lovely videos. She enjoying them I do this each visit. Love Aunty P

  28. Dave Barlow 3 tháng ago

    All that yelling and shouting at the top is Vietnamese having a civil conversation, that's just the way they communicate 😂
    How much did you pay for the cable car etc?

  29. Great Personality 3 tháng ago

    Sapa là một nơi tồi tệ của việt nam.nơi tốt nhất là đà nẵng

  30. All your videos have fantastic editing, other vloggers should learn from you. You make it more about the destination and just the right amount about you. Well done! Hello from Vancouver, Canada.

  31. Khánh Hoàng 3 tháng ago

    It's very beautiful!

  32. darlyne 3 tháng ago

    Love the architecture! Is it a combination of French and Chinese influence?

  33. Danh Tiên Trần 3 tháng ago

    chúc hai bạn du lịch vui vẻ hạnh phúc tại quê hương tôi.việt nam luôn chào đón các bạn.

  34. doubts 3 tháng ago

    Wow. We watched the Lovely South African couple get drenched and pulverised up there a few days back. You picked a good day 👍

  35. Hung Cuong Nguyen 3 tháng ago

    You were so lucky to check-out the Fansipan when the weather was so nice . It was so sunny and clear that you were able to admire the gorgeous scenery and see all the buildings and structures up there . BTW , the cable car in Sapa is not the longest in VN . The longest one in VN and in the world is actually in Phu Quoc Island ( 8 km long and 27 minutes ride from the main Island of Phu Quoc to the terminal station on Hon Thom Island ). VN is known for owning the largest number of cable cars in the world . You can find them at many touristic and religious sites there , such as Phu Quoc Island , Vung Tau , Dalat , Nha Trang , Da Nang (Bana hills) , Tây Ninh ( the Holy Black Lady mountain ) , Huong Son ( Perfume Pagoda ) , Nui Câm mountain , Tây Thiên mountain & Yên Tu mountain ( the 5 famous Buddhist sanctuaries in VN ) , Halong Bay , Sapa and soon Mâu Son mountain . VN still has many hidden gems to offer to tourists . Unfortunately it`s still underrated by international travellers .
    Hopefully when the health situation in the world will get under control , more people will come to visit our country

  36. Suay Hughes 3 tháng ago

    Nice country! and nice walk around

  37. huynh nguyenngoc 3 tháng ago


  38. DoodahGurl 3 tháng ago

    Thanks for sharing the town itself as like you mentioned, everyone shares the mountain scenery (which is always worth watching). It is a cute town and I love that huge lake. But you also showed more parts of Fansipan, which is cool to see.

  39. Meditation Thiền 3 tháng ago


  40. I am grateful 3 tháng ago

    Love your video 👍💗. Vietnam is a small country but has so much to do and see. Is what you thought Vietnam would be like and Vietnam you are exploring now the same or different?

  41. Thái Đậu 3 tháng ago

    I watched all of your videos and found that both of them love cities with classical architecture, the next destination is Da Nang, on the mountain there is a miniature city with French architecture.visit bà nà hills nhé

  42. Tom Pham 3 tháng ago

    Love ❤️ from Canada 🇨🇦 to you. Thank you for sharing this beautiful view of the top of IndoChina. Lucky you, the weather was cooperative with you. Great adventure !

  43. Godfrey Yeo 3 tháng ago

    Great video 👍😊
    I don't see any drone shots – you did not bring one along, or it's not allowed?

  44. Cedric T. 3 tháng ago

    I feel tired just by watching u guys walk up all those steps 😂

  45. Daniel Nguyen 3 tháng ago

    nice Video again . Thank you👍🏻

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