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Erin and Davey embark on a trekking adventure through rice paddies and tribal villages in Sapa.


2-day Trek with Sapa Sisters
Special Thanks to our guide Pen!

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Indigo Cat Sapa:

Forgotten Wolf – “It’s Raining Again”
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Jinsang – “Egyptian Pools”

Furino – “Witches and Witchcraft”

Songs by j^p^n
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Erin and Davey are American expats living in Luxembourg. Together, these college sweethearts caught the travel bug while studying abroad in Florence, Italy. Over the past 15 years, they’ve established home bases in Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles while traveling to many international destinations. This vlog is a way to share their adventures with friends and family and it’s also a time capsule for when they’re old and grey.

Inspired by Sailing La Vagabonde, Kara and Nate, Rich Roll, Tim Shieff, Lost Leblanc, Thomas Alex Norman, Neistat Brothers.

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Camera: Canon G7X, iPhone7, GoPro, DJI Mavic Pro
Software: FinalCutPro

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Tiêu đề video: Sapa Trekking Travel Guide | Local Homestay in Vietnam Countryside

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  1. Mountain Treks Nepal 6 tháng ago

    Welcome TO Nepal for high trekking and other adventure activities

  2. What Katie Did Next 6 tháng ago

    I really loved this guys – you deserve way more of a following! I feel like Sapa now has a really bad rep for being "ruined" by tourists, but your video makes me think the opposite. Breathtaking views! Looking forward to watching some of your other travel videos now 🙂

  3. Yêu Tây Bắc 6 tháng ago

    Good video

  4. Adam – Citizens of Everywhere 6 tháng ago

    That helicopter sound effect at the beginning was so cool! We didn't make it to Sapa on our Vietnam trip so thanks for showing it off for us! Hopefully the indigo came off easier than expected!

  5. Kenny Chin 6 tháng ago

    Really enjoyed your video.
    What month were you there and what is the name of the place you stayed in up in the village – the sunrise was beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing

  6. jodi Muse 6 tháng ago

    Nice drone footage guys! But omg not so sure about you wearing camo.Probably giving the former Hmong soldiers flashbacks!

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