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10 of my backpacking trip though Vietnam! Homestay in Ta Van, to a waterfall, motorbiking, waking though Sapa Valley, and beers back in Hanoi.

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Tiêu đề video: SAPA VALLEY WALK // Vietnam

Độ dài: 00:09:00, Ngày đăng: 2017-05-30 21:00:02

Tác giả: Mari Johnson

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  1. Sangeeta Y 5 tháng ago

    Hi Mari, could you please let me know if trekking shoes are a must. I am visitng in November.

  2. Rimas Meleshyus 5 tháng ago

    Great video,many thanks. Vietnam one of the most beautiful country in all Asia, also one of the most friendly too. I like it very much 11 month in Da Nang I was in 2018 I would say super awesome .

  3. Robert Maddelena 5 tháng ago

    Hi guys Sapa is so cool to hike . Its on my list when i get to vn. How far is it from saigon. Love the video .

  4. Dan The Man 5 tháng ago

    I’ll be there next week and I’m looking forward to riding the fansipans gondola😀

  5. Dini Permatasari 5 tháng ago

    did you find any hemp field there??

  6. Zonitrip Adventure Vietnam tours 5 tháng ago

    if you are looking for an adventure tour in Norther Vietnam subsoribe us at""

  7. Phụng Anh Trần 5 tháng ago
    Terre d’Annam spécialiste des voyages sur mesure en Indochine pour les groupes et les individuels

  8. thai pham 5 tháng ago

    you go on the wrong month .

  9. DDF Family 5 tháng ago

    good job 😀

  10. Joseph Brian Garcia 5 tháng ago

    I`m jealous…… not because of the travelling aspect of this… lol
    keep up the cool vids!!! 😉 Godspeed

  11. sang yoon Lee 5 tháng ago

    men are always rock!

  12. Care's Adventure Time 5 tháng ago

    Hi Mari! I was wondering how you found and planned your destinations in sapa? Did you look it up or were they suggested? Did you plan ahead your day to day plans or did you just find things to do as you went along? I want to go back to Vietnam soon!

  13. Andy Chan 5 tháng ago

    Awesome video. Brings back great memories.

  14. A Gringa e Eu 5 tháng ago

    Another super cool video = ) Just found your channel doing research on Vietnam. Thanks for the help. How long you spent in Vietnam? Thanks and might see you soon someday in Asia.

  15. Lessilu 5 tháng ago

    Sapa has been the highlight of my Vietnam trip, we trekked for two days with a person belonging to the local tribe and we stayed at their place for the night, it turned out to be the most authentic experience of the south east Asia trip. I wish you would have done the same, it's so worth it!
    Here's the vlog, hope you'll check it out! 🙂
    Btw I really like your personality, is comforting and cozy to watch your videos!

  16. sam ian 5 tháng ago

    Hi Mari please come to Malaysia. Your previous trip here was a layover in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is a amazing country and you will know onces you have visited how awesome is Malaysia.

  17. Leigh-Anne Marie 5 tháng ago

    So awesome that you did a homestay! Such a great way to get to know locals and get some great tips. The beautiful view right next to the honking, ya just never can have it all haha!

  18. vicenxio 5 tháng ago

    I'm always a fan of your vlogs… you're an inspiration…are you still using g7x in this video?

  19. Phoebe Smart 5 tháng ago

    Hey Mari, thank you for your videos. I love that you stick to being a budget traveller. There's so many travel vloggers who now stay in expensive hotels and spend so much money but I can always rely on you to stick to the backpacking and inspire me with places to visit 🙂

  20. Frank Fakir 5 tháng ago

    Great videos Mari, keep them coming, your 9 minutes video felt like 3 minutes lol.

  21. A. Oreal 5 tháng ago

    I love hiking and this video motivated me to visit Multnomah falls of Oregon this Sat coming up. Great 2-10 miles hike around the falls. Great adventure video Mari! 👍👍👍

  22. Nicole Scott 5 tháng ago

    7.43 awww another puppy, the puppies there are so affectionate 🙂

  23. Nicole Scott 5 tháng ago

    Mari – 5.04 OMG!!!!! the little fluff ball puppy is gorgeous please sneak him back with you I will come pick him up from NZ 😉 xx

  24. Nicole Scott 5 tháng ago

    Glad your having a great time, shout out to Nick on the scooter driving action, well done bro! So look forward to your vlogs 🙂 xx

  25. Edges Of Earth 5 tháng ago

    – Yeah, I will be hitting rural Vietnam – eventually.

    Seems far more interesting than the city!

  26. Emily Davidson 5 tháng ago

    This trip has definitely inspired me to put Vietnam high on the next places to visit list!

  27. Nadine Narita 5 tháng ago

    Is there any difference between a home stay and hostel? Gorgeous scenery and thank you for wearing a helmet! 😘

  28. Steve and Jodi 5 tháng ago

    Now I can't stop thinking about dumb and dumber every time I see you on the scooter 😂

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