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I spend the night in a Homestay in the Ta Phin village in the District of North . My guide tells me more about the upcoming Holiday and what customs happen during the holiday time. I meet with some of the other guests and we have a local meal together. I reflect on the importance of social media to the future of the valley.

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Tiêu đề video: Spending the night in a North Vietnam Village

Độ dài: 00:15:05, Ngày đăng: 2019-02-01 07:00:01

Tác giả: the JaYoe Nation

Link gốc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_2MiQ2WFRE

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  1. I live in northern Vietnam. When I finished watching this video, I was sad, because there are still very poor places in my country now. Sapa village is similar to my village 15 years ago. When I was in middle school, I was looking forward to Tet, because I would receive a lot of money on the first day of the year. When I was 15 years old, I didn't expect to go to Tet because I always had to stay indoors and watch TV all day.

  2. OMG! You speak English so well! I mean my local guide SU!!

  3. Vietnam is a Most Favored Nation Trading Partner. I am glad that all the downstream traces of Agent Orange have now dissipated. Your sun burn is a nuisance, but Ed Miller's canopy would have protected you well. Sun screen always works its way into your eyes no matter how hard you try to keep it from doing so. It swims upstream in your sweat. A most important necessity is a good hot shower at the end of the day. And good laundry facilities to keep your clothes cleaned. The late James Dobson was struggling with shoes that became wet and cold in the rain. He finally got thermal shoe covers and good functional gloves. He had so much more to teach us.

  4. That is actually a pretty cool place to stay at. It doesn't even seem like it is in a rural area!

  5. Matt , your drone footage is so awesome!!!

  6. Ten days drinking SwEEEEEEtT

  7. That card on the table when everyone was having beers outside looks like a rapid transit bus card from Penang. Miss that place

  8. 马特的胡子修理的很有个性😀

  9. Hey Mat, lovin‘ it – as nearly always. JaYoe! Two remarks: I am not surr that the more yellow color of the egs has something to do with their freshness but with the kind of food the chicken had. And with regards to your guide‘s business model you might want to check out the concept of the long tail. 🙂

  10. Planes, Trains, Everything.

    Another fascinating video. You always show parts of Vietnam not covered by mainstream TV documentaries etc.

  11. trytorememberallthis

    It will do your healthy some good to eat less meat, you know. That poor family has to kill one of their chickens or pigs who has grown up with the family for you. Imagine you having to kill a family dog or cat for a visitor to eat.

  12. People are so nice there what a cool place

  13. this video makes me hungry…

  14. Above the Average

    Another great video! You are so funny! You are actually almost on the border between Vietnam and China! I assume you could fly from Kunming !

  15. Just a small tip for the future, when trying to pet an unfamiliar dog it's best to do it with our hand palm up as if you had something in your hand instead of palm down. Some dog will associate palm down as someone about to potentially hit them and may react according to that.

  16. Egg yolk colour has less to do with the freshness of the egg, but with the nutrition of the chicken. You can measure the freshness of an egg by the firmness of its egg white. When cooking fried egg, the fresher the egg, the closer the egg white stays together instead of spreading over the pan. Besides that, good episode as always!

  17. That Spring Roll lookalike was named for the Chinese five spice powder that gives the rolls their unique flavor, Ngoh Hiang (五香) is another take on the pork sausage, if you will. A whole array of ingredients are stirred into a pound of fatty ground pork, which is then seasoned with five spice powder and snugly wrapped in dried beancurd skins.

  18. 10 day celebration… no working… cool…

  19. splotchinian master aka stacies mom Q

    Beautiful village!

  20. The homestay looks really familiar. If it only has one shower, and about 20 beds upstairs, then its definitely the same place I was at. (Ps…I wouldn’t recommend it)

  21. Fun video. My wife is from a small village about 30 km north of Hanoi. I have spent many nights at her parents' home with family — especially on weekends when I was living in Vietnam. The life is simple but so enjoyable in ways that were new and interesting to me. No amount of money is worth experiences like that in life.

  22. vietnam,beautiful country,smart people

  23. hahaha..you think that they would be the ones not eating meat and telling you "oh! sorry no cook meat for you" hahaha

  24. Great tour Matt! Su doing a great job, wonderful town with nice views, hospitality and great food. Enjoy! Ja Yoe 👍😃

  25. I think the chinese has that like 20 years ago. I remember new year like that, when I was very young, that was so much fun, red envelope, food, new clothing inside out head to toe, so much excitements. now the Chinese new year doesn't feel like it is important.

  26. Sapa town reminds me of an alpine village, with an Asia flare. Dogs are smart and beautiful with a special Asian look and attitude. Casually on guard. Very special independent place, just on the verge of being "discovered".

  27. Your passport sent to Hanoi? Pick up point? Safe to send passport? From the States?

  28. Matt, when you get back to China, do a video on Chinese New Year in China. It will be interesting to see how people there celebrate with food and culture.

  29. “Is it only one person for bed or will I sleep with other people?” Now here’s a seasoned traveler for you!

  30. You really should put your travel videos on Chinese website,I think Chinese people will like it,Oh do not forget the Chinese subtitles。

  31. Way proper amnesties now compared to 10yrs back.
    Considered an “improved” rural experience.

  32. The local here used to struggle to earn a living. With tourism and the internet it's great to hear them getting a lot better 😊👍👍

  33. Su should use your guide video for reference to be honest. its good advertisment for his business.

  34. Xcaliber Trekker

    The negatives of facebook far outweigh the positives.

  35. Xcaliber Trekker

    Just so you know Matt usually the color of chicken egg yolk depends on what they are fed it doesnt indicate freshness.

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