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Sapa is a northern Vietnamese town, nestled between the mountain, in the Lao Cai Province.
A beautiful place that is becoming largely popular amongst backpackers for its beautiful treks and quaint villages.

Trekking is Sapa is quite popular and Cat Cat village being the topmost chosen one. We did the lesser known treks and the difficulty level is from moderate to high but it is worth doing once.

The are also very authenticate, means it is not catered just for tourists. These are actual houses where families stay and they give out a few rooms for trekkers to spend the night.

You can get to Sapa by taking a train to Lai Cai station and then a taxi or bus to Sapa or take a direct overnight bus from Hanoi which takes about 6-6.5 hours. The buses are cheaper than trains but if you are tall then it might be a bit uncomfortable. Nevertheless, there are plenty of buses or trains that run between Hanoi and Sapa.

Personally, I loved North Vietnam as there were more things to do and the weather was more pleasant. And if you are visiting Vietnam, should be on top of your list of things to do in Vietnam.


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