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There’s public bus in Lao Cai train station square (3 color red, yellow, white) to town with high quality and cheap price $1.5 for one only.

When you come to Sapa town, please come to Backpacker Hostel, 100m from the stone church, no 3 Pham Xuan Huan street and ask miss Khanh Van – the receptionist support to pick you to our .

Dear my friends:

Sapa Votunteer Homestay located at center of Muong Hoa valley (8km from Sapa town) – the Number 1 place should visit in Sapa (based TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet voted). Almost trekking, hikking, biking tour will start from my place. There’re 3 ways to my place:

1. By motobike: One way taxi motobike ($2.5/person) or motobike for rent ($5/day and $2 for 50km gas)
2. By taxi: $10 for one way taxi. Show address “Cầu Mây, Tả Van nhà Hà Mèo” for taxi driver or ask him call Jami 0917557422.
3. By trekking: 3 amazing trekking rails to my place, take about 3hrs ~4hrs for 10~15km and $12 for tourguide. Your bags can be picked from Sapa town to homestay by motobike first 😀

Tourist Ticket paid for goverment is $2.5/person.

We’re support some local tour guide to help you plan for trekking in Sapa. $15 is the tourguide fee for 15 km trekking.

This season’s summer in Sapa but the temperature will be only 12~15 C in the night. This time’s good for trekking. swimming in river, rolling in waterfall, hunting in bamboo forest and jungle, fishing, volunteering by helping local people in farming, teach English for children, learn how to cook local meal like spring roll, colorful sticky rice …

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Lunch and Dinner available with meal from $3 to $10 per person.

Best Regard,
Jami Chen (Singaporean)
Volunteer workshop, bar, homestay, trekking, local handicraft distributor
Add: Ta Van Dzay 2 bridge, Sapa, Laocai, Vietnam
Tel: +84 917557422 (Mr Jami)
Facebook: Sapathebest
Twitter: @sapathebestcom
Instagram: SapaTheBest

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    no wonder my mama always complan about those nww fribra isnt that good and my mom got those kind old one and said these one are better and i was huh????

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    k love hmong people

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