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After the preparty from earlier. I hung out with some guys around a campfire on the side of the street. They’re there every night and they’re kind of the security for the village. They told me about a pool hall just up the road a bit so I went to check it out. I got to check out a village pool hall and see how they play. They play a version of 9-ball from what it looks like. They use all the balls and just like 9-ball, they start from 1 and move up along the way. And if you don’t hit the ball first or you scratch, they move the ball to the center dot and the person then shoots from behind the line. They must have been scared of my skills though because they didn’t ask me to play, I’m sure if they were singing karaoke they would have asked me to sing in a heartbeat 😆

This is a short and sweet video, just some extra footage from the previous video. In the next video I’ll be checking out the circumcision celebration, so stay tuned for that!

Setelah preparty dari sebelumnya. Saya bergaul dengan beberapa orang di sekitar api unggun di sisi jalan. Mereka ada di sana setiap malam dan mereka adalah semacam keamanan bagi desa. Mereka memberi tahu saya tentang aula biliar di ujung jalan, jadi saya pergi untuk memeriksanya. Saya harus memeriksa aula kolam renang desa dan melihat bagaimana mereka bermain. Mereka memainkan versi 9-bola dari tampilannya. Mereka menggunakan semua bola dan seperti bola 9, mereka mulai dari 1 dan naik sepanjang jalan. Dan jika Anda tidak memukul bola terlebih dahulu atau Anda menggaruk, mereka memindahkan bola ke titik tengah dan orang tersebut kemudian menembak dari belakang garis. Mereka pasti takut dengan kemampuanku meskipun karena mereka tidak memintaku untuk bermain, aku yakin jika mereka bernyanyi karaoke mereka akan memintaku untuk bernyanyi dalam sekejap

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Ini adalah video pendek dan manis, hanya beberapa cuplikan tambahan dari video sebelumnya. Di video berikutnya saya akan melihat perayaan sunat, jadi pantau terus ya!

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Tiêu đề video: Village Pool Hall in Afraid Of My Skills🇮🇩

Độ dài: 00:03:22, Ngày đăng: 2022-06-19 17:00:30

Tác giả: Nick K

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  1. Nick K 2 ngày ago

    I guess I only get asked to sing karaoke 😆

  2. Woles Jae 2 ngày ago

    😁😁Just ok, yes & no they're can say😆😂🤣 If u go to Jakarta contact me nick👌🏽…

  3. didik p 2 ngày ago

    ketika orang indonesia ketemu bule
    " aduh jelek nilai bahasa inggris ku "

  4. Ani Anisah 2 ngày ago

    Mr. Nick saya doakan semoga mendapatkan jodoh orang indo…karena sudah bisa bahasa indo…tinggal di lancarkan

  5. Khunaefi Ismail 2 ngày ago

    mereka memplesetkan the best ke bdes yg berarti monyet/monkey. Untung bang bule orangnya kalem

  6. Danur Iswantoro 2 ngày ago

    Wong ndeso dolananne bilyard… mantap…

  7. Amiroelstudio bahari 2 ngày ago

    Make sure they're not gamblers Nick… Because if they're gamblers…just be careful it'll be a police matters. You'll be in a wrong time and a wrong place, but as long as they only play for fun… It's ok and save

  8. jarlameral666 2 ngày ago

    Inii apa??

  9. dFruitzig a 2 ngày ago

    Poor you not to get asked, aww … Here's the thing, Nick. These people don't have the same manner/courtesy standard as what you knew in the west, but you saw it more than once that the rule in the Indonesian society is almost always fluid. Plus they probably didn't really know what to do next to you, to you, because they don't really see a foreigner everyday and let's be honest, you ask weird questions that make them think twice everytime lol. So they didn't react in the way you expected them to do. But hey, the adjustment is very simple: If they don't ask you, you get to ask them. "Boleh saya ikut?" (=can I join in?) Most of the time they will allow you immediately. So, wanna try again?

  10. Moh Ramdhan 2 ngày ago

    very entertaining random content

  11. Noah arnanta 2 ngày ago

    10rb pertama….

  12. Muhamad Ali Musapa 2 ngày ago

    Go a head Nick!

  13. Ahmad Fauzan 2 ngày ago

    Bagus nick

  14. Graeme Stone 2 ngày ago

    Enjoy it as always mate. Well done

  15. Moenrawk Vids 2 ngày ago

    the man with mustache make me laugh… u should play that ball mister nick.. 🙂

  16. nicko sandi ofc 2 ngày ago


  17. M Bintang 2 ngày ago

    Nickk,you must learn indonesia for sure,i mean it will be funny if you can undestand them

  18. Ida Bagus Kayana 2 ngày ago

    Unfortunately they don't understand English

  19. Gilang Maulana 2 ngày ago

    Either this or chess,the kinds of sports we did at nighttime.
    I thought you're gonna be playing 😅🤣

  20. Hidayati Christen 2 ngày ago

    BAB..?! MAU DISUNAT GAK? 💋 from ME

  21. justforfin 2 ngày ago


  22. boy nanda 2 ngày ago

    Come to Purwokerto Baturaden, i can guide u if u want

  23. dirga VS everybody 2 ngày ago

    Come on nick a little more will go to 80k subscribers 😆

  24. Rio Alkamal 2 ngày ago

    hi nick.. why don't you take Ibnu wherever you go to travel around Indonesia as a translator so that you don't have trouble interacting with the villagers every time you visit

  25. Penghayat Kepercayaan Bangsa 2 ngày ago

    IF THEY KNOW ENGLISH LANGUAGE, IT WILL BE MORE COOL !! they all funny and good people, like to make jokes 😀

  26. Susu Bulak 2 ngày ago


  27. Dutch2go 2 ngày ago

    Billiards is very popular in Indonesia. When we visit Bali I always play billiards with the locals in north Ubud (actually Payogan). There they play regulation 9-ball and are very very good and hard to beat. 👍

  28. Chef Yorke 2 ngày ago

    You're a Legend

  29. Akhmal Afgan 2 ngày ago

    🤣🤣🤣 at the best ..

  30. Maltam Keliat 2 ngày ago

    2 video under 24 hours, thats awesome Nick.
    Hv nice time there dude 👍

  31. Alinka Syaffira 2 ngày ago

    Oh no….short video…a new video plisss….hahahaa…kecanduan video nick…hahaha

  32. Lumintu food stalls 2 ngày ago

    Londo Blusukan Kampung

    Have Fun Nick

  33. Jazz One 2 ngày ago

    Mereka tidak menertawakan mu nick

  34. BOZOK production 2 ngày ago


  35. Budhiton 2 ngày ago


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